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Life Purpose Coach and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

me Jan 2016

I’m Andrea Symons

and this is me proving you don’t have to to Fat and Frumpy at 50!

I specialise in helping women aged 40+ to increase their flexiblity, boost their energy, learn to love their bodies again; and dramatically improve their fitness, health and wellness in the next 3-6 months.

Exclusive and Private 1:1,

conducted from my home studio in Bushey, my programmes offer so much more than just yoga and are for women who:-

  • are not into the gym
  • feel “stuck” in their body, mind and spirit
  • want to feel more comfortable in your clothes
  • want to look good and feel great without feeling bloated
  • gain confidence to attend classes
  • want to feel fantastic, get flexible, tone and shape up.

My programmes combine Ashtanga Yoga, Yogahiit and healthy lifestyle advice to give you a complete holistic approach to help you go from Drab to Fab!

I only ever accept a small select handful of clients to work with, so you can be assured of completely personalised attention from one of the most popular yoga and lifestyle guides in town with over 22+ years experience. My three core values I work towards are Health, Love and Harmony.

If this resonates with you and to find out how you can finally feel free, just drop me a line to schedule a  FREE consultation call.  I then have 3 different programmes that you can choose from starting from as little as £50.


About Me

You will be working with one of the most experienced private fitness yoga and healthy lilestyle coaches in town because I have been helping women to move better, look better and feel better since 1996.

I will help you get to where you want to be – whether that’s strengthening your core, becoming more flexible, managing your weight or getting fitter. Because I only work with a select handful of clients your experience is the best it can be and you get to achieve the results you have always been looking for. I will hold your hand throughout the entire process all from my private home studio in Bushey.


Private/Semi Private

Either choosing private one-to-one sessions, or semi private sessions.

The next best thing to private tuition, 2 people sharing whilst still getting all individual attention you need, or Choosing to work with me exclusively isn’t just about increasing your flexibility.It is about improving your entire quality of life. If you are working out properly, you’re healthier, sleeping better, naturally eating healthier, have more energy and less stress and are able to perform better in everything you do. Enjoy my no fluff approach to yoga to achieve your goals within weeks.

Women in yoga class making asana exercises. Girls do Reverse Prayer Pose, back and shoulders stretching. Healthy lifestyle in fitness club.
Multi ethnic mixed age range businesswomen cheering in support of International Women's Day

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching helps people to SEE what they need to see, EXPERIENCE what they need to experience and KNOW what they need to know in order to CREATE a life where they can THRIVE rather than just survive.

Building a close relationship and partnership with a coach, providing the structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration to enable a person to learn, grow and develop beyond what she can do alone to help you to live your best life.

Unlock your potential to be better than you ever thought you could be.


My Client's Success Stories!

I feel stronger and more flexible and love the feeling yoga gives me when I couldn’t do something before


It has now been some 3 months since I started and WOW the difference is amazing


I can ski and dance without running out of breath and feel steadier in everything I do


Businesspeople in a business conference

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