5 Tips to Keep You on Track

5 Tips to Keep You on Track.
#1 Always avoid processed foods.
Try to cultivate an extreme hatred (I don’t eat……..) food wrapped in plastic or made in a factory. It will have been made to make you eat more of it not to nourish you (the food manufacturers are a business after all)
If you are caught at a petrol/service station and starving, keep it simple. Pick up a bag of Brazil nuts (one ingredient only), not dry salted peanuts or smoked almonds (both contain around 10 ingredients) that are addictive.
They aren’t more delicious, just harder to resist. Each extra ingredient is added to make you eat more.

#2 Don’t eat Junk Food
If you want to lose weight, you can’t eat (saying again to yourself, I don’t eat…..) food that is designed for entertainment – food that is made by a company with the aim of not feeding you, but of briefly comforting you.
Food should make you feel full, or at least satisfied. If you eat a piece of cheese and an apple an hour later, you’ll feel less hungry than if you hadn’t eaten anything at all.
That’s pretty straightforward. But if you eat chocolate, crisps, doughnuts or any junk food, an hour later you’ll feel hungrier than if you’d eaten nothing.
These foods do the opposite of what they are supposed to do and make you hungry (designing them to make you crave more and subsequently £££ for the companies, buy more!)
#3 Be Label-Savvy with Ready Meals
Sometimes there isn’t enough time to cook from scratch and a good ready meal does have all the nutritional information clearly laid out on the packet.
But be warned – processed foods (even ready meals) are again designed to make you eat more of them. They are a money-making exercise for food manufacturers, so it is very likely to have flavour enhancers added rather than good ingredients which tend to be expensive.
Allow yourself a ready meal once a week,not once a day and pick the simplest meals, without sauces and the fewest ingredients. Count the calories and add a pile of salad or vegetables.
#4 Eat Out but Make Good Choices
It is really hard to lose weight while you’re eating in a place that is specifically trying to get you to eat as much as possible.
Choose a salad or a simple soup, not a pasty, sausage roll, breakfast bar or a so-called skinny muffin.
Instead, pick the most natural unadorned items from the menu, such as grilled chicken with salad and vegetables, steak (switch the chips for extra salad or vegetables) or fish.
Just scan the menu and assess it for processes that ramp up the calories (batter, breadcrumbs, sauces, flourishes and edible embellishments such as onion rings and herb butter) and think “”simple” – again fewest number of ingredients.
Order a starter in place of a main course, or an assortment of vegetable side dishes (not things like French fries, dauphinoise potatoes or anything smothered in cheese!)
Always shun the bread basket and put your napkin over your plate the moment you’ve had enough to avoid mindless picking.
#5 Always carry healthy snacks.
Make you own lunch and take it to work
If you think you might get caught out, carry an emergency snack with you – an apple and a handful of nuts.
You can decant your day’s snacks into a little bag at the beginning of the day and agree with yourself to only eat that and your meals.
~ The Definitive New year diet – Daily Mail

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