Changing Your Perception

“Mary” and “Jane” are both the same height and age and both weigh 11 stone.
They decide something MUST be done!
They both usually have hamburgers, pasties, lattes and cake every day.
Mary decides she’s just going to cut down the amount she eats to lose weight. To her delight, she’s lost 2 stone in around 2-3 months. Although she’s delighted, she has no energy, can’t sleep well and her skin looks haggard. She thinks “what’s the point? ” and goes back to her old ways.
Jane on the other hand, decided to radically overhaul her lifestyle. She eats good quality high fat foods, fills her plate with lots of colours of fruit and vegetables. Most of all, she’s taken up some exercise which incorporates weight bearing. In the same 2-3 months, she’s dropped between 1-2 dress sizes, feels fantastic, sleeping better than ever and has glowing skin. However she still weighs the same!
Does this resonate with you?
Who would you rather be? Mary or Jane?


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