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I’m Not Your Average Yoga Teacher!

I used to be the kid at school who was always picked last for any team sports, so it’s as surprising to me as it is to you that I should end up in the health and wellness industry!

However, as I am not a team sport person, I found myself drawn towards what was then “popmobility” which I suppose was the pre-curser to aerobics.

I then went on to study to teach and began teaching aerobics in 1996 and in 1997 was a franchisee for Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs.

A couple of years into my aerobics teaching I unfortunately found out I would need IVF treatment and had to find something else. After trying various forms of Yoga, eventually in 2000 found myself at an Ashtanga Yoga class where I found I felt like I had come home. It had all the physical elements I craved, without being overly spiritual. After practising for a number of years, I decided that this was the path forwards for me and did more training to teach yoga and qualified in 2006.

Through all this, I unfortunately went through 7 rounds of IVF treatment with the last one leading to an ectopic pregnancy, 2 trips into hospital and life-saving surgery!

The fitness levels and strength of mind I gained through my yoga practice and always maintaining good nutrition then helped me through this very dark period of my life. In fact I really believe that the yoga saved my sanity, and I’m not that airy-fairy about my yoga!

So you could say I’ve lived a bit!

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be invited into the lives of others, to be trusted enough to hear their fears, their frustrations, their struggles and their suffering and to work with them to create the body they’ve always dreamed of and the strength of mind to be confident again, to be the best version of you EVER.

So, for me, teaching and coaching isn’t a job and it isn’t work.

For me, it’s helping women just like you to dream bigger, act bigger and bring their dreams to life .Enjoy my no fluff approach to yoga, the latest fitness trends and have fun. Imagine your life feeling fit, flexible and fabulous.


My core values are:- Health, Love and Harmony

So if you would like to see how I can help you to implement some permenant changes and transformation in your life, and help you get to the next step, get fitter, stronger, more flexible and able to deal with all the stresses that life throws at you, I’ve got some great things I can do for you.

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