Andrea Symons AndYoga Fitness Yoga and Lifestyle Programme

Personal Starter Assessment

During our initial conversation, you will be invited to attend a Personal Starter Assessment. The Personal Starter Assessment is a more get to know you in further detail to see if we are the right fit for each other. It is paramount to ensure you are exercising safely and to maximise your results. You fill out a detailed health questionnaire. We go through basic techniques of the yoga breathing, core stability and a few key yoga poses, which will then enable you to see if you would like to continue on your yoga, health and wellness journey.**


This is the ideal programme for you if you have decided yoga is for you and would like to start to see and make changes in your body, mind and spirit; want to look good; get rid of the bloat and feel more comfortable in your clothes.


1 x week (4 sessions)



This is the ideal programme for you if you have a specific goal to work towards and are fully committed to transforming your life, to feel fantastic, get flexible, tone and shape up and change your life.


1 x week (12 sessions)


** For one-off 1:1 sessions will be £55 per session

** For 2:1 sessions, price on application.