How to recover from burn out?

Are you feeling burnt out living the harder/faster/stronger lifestyle?

Do you feel disconnected from your body and mind?

Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself, living a fast paced lifestyle with no time just to be?


That’s exactly how I used to feel when I used to teach Aerobics.  Back in the day when it was all about FEEL THE BURN!  I did all the Jane Fonda stuff, went and trained to teach aerobics, bought a franchise and taught multiple classes every day.

That was all going great until I found myself unable to conceive, needing IVF treatment as my body was so burnt out.  That was the cost of the lifestyle I was leading. Several treatments later, had an ectopic pregnancy which almost killed me.  My disconnection in my body, led it to disfunction, leading it to dis-ease.

That’s when I found Yoga – or Yoga found me!  Yoga brought me back to discover who I am.  The word Yoga literally means Union. So, for me that means union of body and mind.  Of Yin and Yang.  Of hard and soft.  Of light and dark.

Yoga gives me the time and space I need to reconnect with me.  To reconnect with my body, leading it into healthy function.  Living with ease.  It helped me on the road to recovery out of my black hole.  Anytime now I am feeling out of sorts, stressed out, on the verge of burn out again,  I always return to my yoga practice.

I now have a very pragmatic approach to my yoga – connecting mind/body/health/nutrition to an ever Urban Lifestyle.

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