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“I started Yoga with Andrea 2 yrs ago- I was looking for some sort of exercise that offered both work out and relaxation at the same time. My search ended with Andrea- I finally found what I was looking for…


Andrea is a very professional, friendly and an amazing Ashtanga Yoga teacher. When I first met Andrea I was recovering from a very traumatic and challenging illness called CVT (Cerebro-venous-thrombosis). Andrea carefully listened to everything I said and she then tailor made the sessions according to my condition. Gradually I started to feel better, strong and flexible and just generally well…


I had to take a break for personal reasons, but during that time I was really missing our sessions. I came back to Andrea 2 months ago and honestly I am so happy as if I came home after a long time. Each session is better than the previous one. I leave her home studio thinking that this was the best one and then the next week it is even better. I look forward to our sessions as I crave it all week.


Give Andrea’ s 1:1 Yoga sessions a chance and you will be hooked like me…You will be amazed how her sessions will change your life and wellbeing for good. I am grateful to God for all the blessings in my life and Andrea is one of them…”


Amina from Bushey

Amina - Bushey

I met Andrea 11 years ago, at the very start of my yoga journey.


It was hard to pluck up the courage to go to one of her classes, as I remember being the only man in the studio. However I knew I was in safe hands which were very much hands on. Andrea has in incredibly strong and dynamic Ashtanga practice, and she calls it "the baptism of fire" and it was just that. I religiously went to her classes as she helped me back to physical health in a very short space of time.


When you first meet Andrea, its obvious she is a strong inner and outer individual with highly polished way of life. Sadly, I relocated away from her fun and enjoyable practices, and we rarely speak these days. However she has played the first and possibly most important part of my yoga journey, and for that, I will always be grateful.


Andrea, Thank you, much love. x

Gordon Wax

Gordon Wax Yoga - Reigate

Dear Andrea ,
Thank you so much for sending me the details of your challenge . I promise to see it through to the bitter end ! Also got the opportunity to have a look at your website and am again tempted to do yoga at your studio . Once or twice a week at BCC is just not enough for someone as stiff as I am ! What is holding me back is knowing that I cannot commit to anything at the moment . Mid August I might be able to . But it’s wonderful to know that you are there should I be able to . Love your classes and your style of yoga , your style of teaching and that I am able to loose myself completely for the hour or so , once a week .
Shall let you know how I get on with planking !
With love ,


I feel stronger and more flexible and love the feeling yoga gives me when I couldn’t do something before


It has now been some 3 months since I started and WOW the difference is amazing


I can ski and dance without running out of breath and feel steadier in everything I do


Six months ago I started individual lessons with Andrea. Each session is catered to me as an individual and progression is at my pace.

In deciding to pursue Yoga I was initially looking for not only a fantastic form of exercise but also techniques for reducing stress. I'm pleased to say that Ashtanga Yoga has provided both.

Chris, Borehamwood

Ashtanga Yoga

I started private lessons, once a week with Andrea, as part of a group of 3 two years ago. I had noticed that my joints and body were starting to lose a bit of movement and flexibility. I wanted to start something that would help with that, as well as learning something that I could do for years and in my own time. I can honestly say I'm more flexible and stronger than I was at 30. Its a very different workout from the usual gym and complements other areas like sportsn cardio or weights. As a guy, I thought doing yoga would feel weird but Andrea is a great teacher and adapts to her students' pace of development. I would have no hesitation recommending Andrea.

Andrew, Pinner

Give one of Andrea's classes a try - you will be hooked.
I had done some yoga previously and thought that Ashtanga would offer more of a workout. I was right and wrong. Ashtanga certainly warms you up which enables you to get the best from your practice. However the rhythm of the sequence is calming and really focuses the mind. I have a very busy job and my yoga practice is one of the few times of the week I can totally switch off and relax.

Andrea is a brilliant teacher. Her classes are sometimes challenging but always fun. No matter what your ability or strengths and weaknesses there is always something you will have achieved by the end of the session. You will be amazed and how ashtanga yoga improves your flexibility, stability and overall wellbeing.


Good morning Andrea

Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely yoga nidra relaxation session last night. I am not the worlds best sleeper and have a lot of things on my mind at the moment with work and the wedding. However last night I had the best nights sleep in ages and actually woke before my alarm feeling really refreshed. I feel I have learned some techniques to help me in future too. Great class!

Have a good weekend and many thanks again

Love Carolyn xx


I started Ashtanga yoga with Andrea over two years ago. I was looking for something that works my body and offers relaxation at the same time. I got both of those and much more!!! When I started two years ago I was so stiff I could hardly bend forward, and was definitely miles away from touching my toes. Andrea has always been very patient and tailored the postures to whatever my level was at the time. Now, after two years, I can take most of the binds and do the twists and bends.
I’ve also suffered from some major spine problems since my teenage years (slipped disc, scoliosis, bone-density problems), and basically had constant pain in my back. I kept my problems under control with various exercises, but could never fully get rid of the symptoms. The biggest miracle of yoga for me is that by doing it, I actually do not suffer from my back aches any more. There is flexibility in my spine and I can feel the flow of energy in my body, which are wonderful feelings. I should really thank Andrea for that, as she was the one who introduced me to the perfect exercise that keeps my spine (and my whole body) in shape.
Ashtanga does all the tricks for me! If I miss out more than two weeks, I already start feeling the lack of it. It is quite addictive. . So all I can say is try it with Andrea and you’ll never want to stop!!!!

Dora, Elstree

I started yoga with Andrea about 18 months ago. I was looking for a form of exercise that offered a full body workout as well as some relaxation, and yoga with Andrea helped me find this!. I used to find the gym boring and never had the motivation to go. Since starting with Andrea, I always look forward to the class each week and come out feeling both energised and more relaxed. Yoga has improved my fitness and flexibility and if I ever miss a class I can really notice it. Andrea is a fantastic teacher. She encourages all students to improve and develop only ever at your own pace. I would definitely recommend it!

Cheryl, Bushey

I started Yoga For Fertility sessions with Andrea to coincide with my second cycle of IVF treatment. I have severe endometriosis and immunology problems and had been through an unsuccessful first cycle of IVF and then a frozen embryo transfer last year. I arranged the course with Andrea in the hopes that it would help me to relax and stay calm during IVF treatment, but I never imagined the effects it could have. Of course, the yoga and meditation were as wonderfully relaxing as you would expect, but the physical difference it made was really astounding. Both of my previous transfers were very difficult and incredibly painful as endometriosis had left me with a severely narrowed and twisted cervix. I had just 3 sessions with Andrea before my transfer this time and miraculously my cervix had straightened out completely! My consultant could hardly believe he was dealing with the same person and said that he'd rarely even seen surgery have such a dramatic effect. Andrea offered complete support throughout the whole process and her guidance and advice helped me to stay calm and focused and deal with the physical and emotional side effects so much better this time around. I am delighted to say that I am now 7 weeks pregnant (due in Summer 2011) and I really believe that Andrea played a big part in bringing me the best Christmas present ever.

UPDATE - Baby Freddy was born on 30th July 2011.x

B, from Hertfordshire

Fertility Yoga Therapy