Weight problem

“Oh it’s easy for you, Andrea, you’ve never had a weight problem!”

I have heard this excuse so many times in my 20 years of being in the fitness industry, from teaching aerobics, to my Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs franchise, to now being an Ashtanga Yoga teacher for the last 10 years.

Ok, so I may not have had a weight problem – but that’s because I have always eaten well, have a healthy attitude towards food and have always found an exercise I feel passionate about.

This time of year we are bombarded with TV programmes all about weight loss, and getting fit and healthy. You cannot expect to lose weight in a week or even a month, if it has taken you a few years to gain that weight.  You may lose a bit of weight in the short term, and you can guarantee in won’t be FAT loss which is what you should be aiming for, and it will definitely go back on again, because it doesn’t change your attitude to food.  It has to come off slowly – not with a quick fix, or the latest fad diet or shake plan, but with healthy, real food, no processed (or beige) foods, plenty of fruit and vegetables, good quality protein, and healthy fats, with correct portion control and exercise.

Having the correct mindset is key too.  It has been said that you are the some of the 5 people you hang around with the most.  So make sure you’re hanging around the right people who will uplift you and support you on your journey.  So stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and think of what could go right.  How would that make your life better? J

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